Belly Rubs are Mandatory

This is Emmy. Emmy loves belly rubs. she will lay like this until you pet her.

How long do you think it takes for us to reach down and give in to her demands?

Right, not very long!

Belly rubs are soothing and comforting to your pooch. It helps them feel like they are loved and appreciated.

Turning over to expose their bellies to you is also a sign of trust. Laying on their back puts them at their most vulnerable. Isn’t it great that you have earned that type of trust?

But, belly rubs are good for us as well. It’s calming and soothing for us, as people, to rub a dogs belly. Rubbing bellies make us feel good. It lowers our stress levels which is great for all! Bonus – it keeps your hands busy so it cuts down on mindless eating! LOL

So, go out and rub a belly or two!

Until next time…

🙂 Joanne