All the Same

People ask us all the time… How do we tell the puppies apart.

Well, if you ask Dad, he doesn’t. He can tell Anthony apart by checking the plumbing. He knows the other piebald is a girl. He has no idea what our names are.

But, mom on the other hand… She is the expert. From the time they are born, she knows who is who and never forgets. So, we decided to ask her how she does it.

Mom takes photos of each of each baby the minute they are born (well, within a few minutes…). She studies the puppies and those photos. She keeps a close eye on the babies and tracks their growth to make sure they are getting big and healthy. She is always hands-on with them, so it is easy for her to tell. And, she gives them each a collar of their own that is a different color.

That, and the stripes are a help! Especially when they take their collars off each other.

Suzanne has a thicker strip that is higher on her neck… and a pink collar!