The Other Side of Puppy Love

As you may have already read, we welcomed 16 puppies into the Cantrell Pups family in the month of December.

What you may not know is that we lost two babies. It was no ones’ fault. It is just life in the breeding world. When it happens, it is so heart breaking. We do always everything we can to ensure the health of mom and babies – from even before conception. Sometimes, things cannot be avoided.

When Sissy was delivering her second pup, I realized that something was wrong. No mater how much time she had spent pushing, no puppy was going to come out… so, we rushed her to the vet where she underwent a c-section. To our surprise, there were 9 puppies! That made for a litter of 10. Unfortunately, the problem was one of the puppies was too big and wasn’t able to pass through the birth canal. There was nothing we could do to save that pup and had to focus on the others.

Because Sissy actually delivered early, her milk had not come in. So, we had to supplement feed all the puppies until it did. There were two tiny pups that we so small (Dasher and Vixen) that they needed to continue the extra feedings for about a week. But, now, everyone is healthy, growing and feeding well all on their own.

I know, I said that we had lost two babies. We also lost a puppy from Emmy’s litter.

At Cantrell Pups, we have delivered over 60 pups over the years. But, this was the first time, I ever had a baby born with its intestines on the outside. I did not know what to do and I did not know if he could be saved. Unfortunately, after consulting the vet, we determined there was not going to be any hope for this little man.

While having 16 new little babies to hold and cuddle and play with (and clean up after) is great, my heart still breaks every day for the two that were lost.

I will say that we have been fairly luck in that all the litters we have had, in total, we have only ever lost 5 puppies including these two in December. Praise God that he watches out for all His creatures big and small!

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