A Short Little German

If you know anything about the dachshund breed, you know they originate from Germany. They are small dogs that were (are) used for hunting small game – especially badgers. So, we decided to go back to that heritage when naming our short hair dogs.

Meet Augustus Hartmut and Adeline Anne.

Auggie Doggie 🙂

Augustus Hartmut, aka Auggie or Auggie Doggie, is a smooth black and tan male that carries for piebald. We found him hanging out in North Carolina. He is a super sweet, very playful little man who learns quick – especially when you call his name. He knows it’s usually for nothing good so he never comes! LOL Augustus is actually a Roman name, but he is more named for Augustus Gloop! It means “exalted.” Hartmut is very German and means “brave mind.” We fully expect him to live up to this as he grows.

Addie Anne

Adeline Anne, aka Addie or Addie Anne, is a smooth red piebald female. She was a little runt when she was born and she hasn’t changed much as she’s grown. She is the first pup that we have kept from any of our litters as she has a lot of promise of being a great mom – she is from Sissy & Gig’s Reindeer Games litter. Sometimes, she reminds us of Wishbone or of the Victrola puppy. Her name means “noble grace” and may actually be more French than German… but, hey… It’s close!

This little pair is just the cutest!

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