Designing Women Litter

Dinner time with Cousin Betty

Thank you for your interest in our little ones. Here are the facts…

Date of Birth: August 1, 2019

Ready to Go: September 28, 2019

Price: $1000 limited AKC/pet only.

For more details about purchasing one of your mini-me’s, please refer to The Fine Print.

Now, onto the fun stuff – afterall, this is what you really came after right… the pictures of these adorable little rugrats!

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And, without further ado… the close ups of each of the puppers!

You can use this quick list to jump right to a pup.


Meet Julia. She is a long hair black and tan piebald with very heavy ticking. We just love the way even her little feet are ticked. She is super sweet and very clever. She is the leader of the pack and quick to tell the others what the what is!

Those eyes!
To the right… to the right
To the left… to the left
Now back it up!


Meet Suzanne. She is a long black and tan with a white stripe on her chest. She is a pistol just like her name sake. She doesn’t take anything from any one. But, when you need a cuddle, she is there for you.

No flash photography please
Suck it in for the side shot
The tail never stops wagging
Chin up!


Meet Mary Jo. She is a long hair black and tan with white stripe on her chest. She is the cheerleader of the pack. She supports anyone getting into anything, especially when they aren’t supposed to be getting into it! And, she will be the first to step back and let someone else take the blame!

If I don’t look, maybe she won’t take the photos
Not looking…
Still not looking…
mpfh hmpf rhmfp? (translation: It is over?)


Meet Charlene. She is a long hair black and tan. She is the quiet one from the bunch… until the food bowl comes. Then watch out, no holds barred! She will eat you if you’re not careful!!!

Wait, is that the food bowl I hear?
I can see Dad making dinner!
Hold my nose if you want, but I can still smell it!


Meet Anthony. He is a long hair black and tan piebald with heavy ticking. He is… well… he is the class clown. He is always doing the most goofy stuff to make us all laugh. But, don’t let that fool you. He can be serious when it comes to dinner time!

I’m too handsome for this
Nope, not doing it
Seriously people…
Here, shoot this!


Gig, Maisy, and Betty are cuddling with Mom

Meet the parents! Maisy is an 8-1/2 lb long hair black and tan. She is extra cute, extra loving, and extra smart. She is a great mom and still runs to them every morning.

We wouldn’t dream of coming between the pregnant Maisy and her food bowl!

Gig-a-Bite… He is a 9 lb long hair black and tan. He is a romeo. He lives to romance all his girls and even mom too. He loves to take long walks on moonlit nights through the back yard… to chase the cat and the deer. Plus, he is an expert cuddler!

Expertly taken photo by Shelby Watts. Isn’t he handsome