Welcome to 2020!

Here at Cantrell Pups, we ended 2019 with a bang. We welcomed two huge litters into the pack.

On December 10, Sissy had 9 babies. Her litter is full of shaded reds and shaded red piebalds and all are short hair/smooth coat. Visit the REINDEER GAMES page to see photos and get more information about this SHORT HAIR litter.

It’s time for some Reindeer Games

On December 24, Emmy Lou had 7 babies. Her little is a little more colorful with black and tans, black and creams, dapples, and ee reds. They will all have long hair. For more information about this LONG HAIR litter, check them out on our SANTA’S ELVES page.

Special Delivery from Santa and his Elves

So, if you are really good at math and add that up right, you get 16 babies that are two weeks apart. Needless to say, the house will not be quiet for quite sometime. These pups will ready to go home in February.


Our little mini-me’s are just perfect!  With them so young, our humans play with them daily to start them on the right path to spoiled-rotteness.  Soon, they get to play with all of us – Mom calls it socialization practice – we just call it fun!

According to Mom, our mini-me’s will come AKC-registerable (LIMITED-PET ONLY), vet checked, and current on vaccinations and wormings.  We aren’t sure what all that means, but we are pretty sure it is important to you. 

Mom will ask you for a  non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit via Paypal (you pay processing fees) or Zelle to hold one of our pups for you.  She says the deposit goes towards purchase price. And,  while we prefer to sniff you in person, we can load up the pups and mail them to you for $400.  We are also always up for a road trip which will vary in fees depending on how far away you are. Mom says its so she can put gas in the car, but we know puppies always get gas free of charge.  We are so confused!

Mom says that each set of puppies is a learning experience for her.  The hardest part is trying to determine what color we are.  And, our coats sometimes puzzle her too… but how, they are all made of fur.  And, if we do say so ourselves – fur coats are the best!  Mom says our litters are like a Box of Chocolates — she never knows quite what she is going to get.  Then she laughs.  Not quite sure why.  It really isn’t that funny!  So, if you notice that she may has mis-identified one of our colors, please let her know.  She is always open to learning new things – better things – correct things!