Thank you for stopping by to check us out! Unfortunately, we do not have any cute little baby dinosaurs looking for a fur-ever home. We have taken a little break to play and grow our next generation of Cantrell Pups parents. The new parents come from champion bloodlines and have excellent conformation! Keep an eye out for our future litters from Lizzy, Rory, and Willy!

In the mean time, feel free to check out our site for more information about making a Cantrell Pup a permanent part of your family.

A Little More Information

Our little mini-me’s are just perfect!  With them so young, our humans play with them daily to start them on the right path to spoiled-rotteness.  Soon, they get to play with all of us – Mom calls it socialization practice – we just call it fun!

According to Mom, our mini-me’s will come AKC-registerable (LIMITED-PET ONLY), vet checked, and current on vaccinations and wormings.  We aren’t sure what all that means, but we are pretty sure it is important to you. 

Mom will ask you for a non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit to hold one of our pups for you.  She says the deposit goes towards purchase price.

As far as how our adorable mini-me’s will make it to their furever homes, if you aren’t able to come and visit us, we are also always up for a road trip which will vary in fees depending on how far away you are. Mom says its so she can put gas in the car, but we know puppies always get gas free of charge.  We are so confused! Sometimes, Mom says the puppies are going to fly to their new homes. We aren’t sure when they grow their wings though… they never have them before they leave us.

Mom says that each set of puppies is a learning experience for her.  The hardest part is trying to determine what color we are.  And, our coats sometimes puzzle her too… but how, they are all made of fur.  And, if we do say so ourselves – fur coats are the best!  Mom says our litters are like a Box of Chocolates — she never knows quite what she is going to get.  Then she laughs.  Not quite sure why.  It really isn’t that funny!  So, if you notice that she may has mis-identified one of our colors, please let her know.  She is always open to learning new things – better things – correct things!

For more in-depth information, please see The Fine Print.

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