The Fine Print

It is often said that life lives within the details. Here are Cantrell Pups, it is no different. There are some important questions that we are sure you want to know the answers to… so we are going to turn this section over to Mum. Because if you need to know more than what are favorite treats are (which by the way are Milk Bone Variety Snaps!), we really don’t have any answers!

The fine print includes:

Purchase Price

Our current price for Cantrell Pups is $2,200 USD regardless of coat, color, pattern, or gender.

Our purchase price is for a puppy with LIMITED AKC RIGHTS.  This means that the puppy is being sold as a pet only without breeding rights.  The puppy will come with registration paperwork for the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Full rights (full registration) will be available to approved buyers only for an additional $500.  With full rights, you will be able to show your dog at AKC sponsored events and/or breed your puppy.  Please note that not all puppies are suitable to breed which is why not all puppies are sold with full rights.


A 25% non-refundable deposit (plus any associated transaction fees) is required to hold the puppy described above.  The amount of the deposit will be applied to the base purchase price of your puppy. 

The deposit signifies that you, the new owner, intends to follow through with the purchase of the puppy from Cantrell Pups. In the event that you cannot follow through with the purchase of the puppy, the deposit is forfeited and NO refund will be given.  It is for this reason the best policy is to be absolutely sure that you want this particular puppy before you send your deposit!

Refund or Transfer of Deposit

If by tragic accident, the puppy were to die or be determined to have a congenital defect that prevents the puppy from being a companion animal, a full refund of deposit will be given to the Buyer.


If the congenital defect affects sight or hearing and is still desired by the Buyer, the puppy will be offered to the Buyer at a discounted purchase price.


If there is another puppy available that the Buyer wants to put the deposit towards, the deposit can be put towards that puppy.


If the Buyer wishes, the seller will hold the deposit towards a puppy from a future litter. In that event, this is the ONLY circumstance in which the buyer could receive a “First Pick” position of a future litter.  We will hold a deposit for three litters.  If you do not chose a pup from one of the next three litters, the deposit will be refunded.


We can take up to 30 days to return or refund your deposit.

Methods of Payment

PAYPAL:  Debit or Credit Cards accepted.  If you chose to use PayPal, an invoice will be issued.  This makes the transaction simple for both of us, especially if you do not have a PayPal account.  A transaction fee of 3% will be added to the deposit amount.  For example, if the deposit amount is $250, the total you will pay is $257.58. You may also pay the deposit without an invoice using this link:  Do not forget to include the transaction fee.

ZELLE:  Bank-to-Bank.  Most major banks now offer Zelle Money Transfer options.  This allows deposits to be paid instantaneously.  There is no additional transaction fees associated with this method (that we are aware of).  To use this method of payment for the deposit, you may use 618.771.6414 as the mobile number or as the email. 

PERSONAL CHECK:  We do accept personal checks for DEPOSITS ONLY.  If you wish to pay the deposit by personal check, the check must be received within 5 days of verbal/text/email agreement.  The puppy will be placed on a temporary hold for five days. Upon receipt of the check, the puppy will be on permanent hold unless the check does not clear. 

If the check does not clear, a $50 fee will be added to the deposit amount.  The new deposit amount will then have to be paid immediately upon notification using PayPal or Zelle.  If the deposit is not paid, the puppy will not be held.

CASH:  Cash is always accepted.  In fact, it is the only way to make the final payment. But, if you live local to us and wish to pay the deposit in cash – that is always an option.

Transfer of Pup

All puppy transfer dates are scheduled between 8-9 weeks of age, unless we agree to make an exception based on what is best for the puppy.  By this age, your puppy will be naturally weaned and ready to leave its mother.  It will be eating dry kibble and drinking water on its own.  We will also have started pee pad training, crate training, doggy door training, and possibly simple commands like “sit.”

You have agreed that your deposit will hold your puppy for a reasonable amount of time. We prefer no longer than 10 weeks of age.  It is vital for the pup to start bonding and training with you at an early age.  The older the pup is at transfer, the harder it will be to acclimate to your way of life… but it will not be impossible to transition regardless of age.

Of course, we are willing to work with you if you have existing plans for vacations, trips, etc., that may delay pick up of your puppy. A $10.00 per day Boarding and Care fee may be charged starting the first day after the puppy turns 9 weeks of age, and shall include the last day the puppy is with us if pick up is after noon.

If the puppy reaches 10 weeks old and you are unresponsive to our attempts to contact you via text, email or messenger to arrange transfer, the puppy will be placed in another home and you forfeit all monies paid. You will also be disqualified for any future puppy placements.

Transfer Methods

PICK-UP:  This is the preferred method of getting the puppy into your hands.  It allows you a chance to get to know us better, to meet the parents, and see the environment in which your puppy has been raised so far.  Our pick-up address is 1420 Dutchman Lake Road, Vienna, IL 62995.

DELIVERY:  We love road trips, so we are happy to personally delivery your puppy to your home or we can meet you somewhere in between.   We charge $1.00 per mile to deliver outside of a 50-mile radius from Cantrell Pups.  This fee will be added to the final amount due at the transfer.

AIR TRANSPORTATION: Sometimes, driving your new pup to you does not make sense.  In these cases, we will be more than happy to fly your puppy out to your nearest major airport.  Fees for this Flight Nanny service begin at $450.  Because this arrangement must be made well in advance and are harder to change, we do require 50% deposit of these fees prior to final flight arrangements. The balance of the fee for air travel is added to the final amount due at transfer.

Special Notes

Cantrell Pups strives to provide the best quality puppy for your family to love forever. But, our puppies are secured by deposit in an “as is” state in reference to your choice of puppy at an early age where exact color and coat pattern may change and personality is not apparent. We make no guarantees of your puppy’s mature size, or that it will be show or breeding quality.

We try to be as flexible as possible with your situation.  Any changes to this agreement will be made in writing, via text, Facebook Messenger, or email.  This is to protect us as well as you.  We look forward to developing a long relationship with you because you are now considered family!

At the time of transfer, all new puppy families will be asked to sign a Puppy Contract. You may download a copy of this contract below as well as other agreements you may be asked to sign.

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