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Our First Outing

Today, Maisy’s puppies got to go on an outing. We were all so jealous because we love going for rides. Then, we learned where they were going and why. We were perfectly happy just to stay at home this time. So, where did they go and why? They went to visit the vet today. Now, …


All the Same

People ask us all the time… How do we tell the puppies apart. Well, if you ask Dad, he doesn’t. He can tell Anthony apart by checking the plumbing. He knows the other piebald is a girl. He has no idea what our names are. But, mom on the other hand… She is the expert. …


Growing Up!

Well, the puppies are almost ready for their new furever homes. It will be quite sad when they all leave. To get them ready to be good dogs at their new homes, Mom and Dad work hard to get them puppy pad trained. Maisy’s pups are doing a great job at it. Here is a …



Saturday afternoon was a lazy day around the house because mom didn’t feel well. Chloe spent most of the afternoon in her bedroom, but in the evening, she was back at her perch on mom’s lap. She always gets the best seat! SMH Then, about 5am, there was all sorts of commotion coming from the …

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They’re Here

They’re here… they’re here! Yesterday, we celebrated Dogust 1st with the birth of Maisy’s first litter! She did great! It was a fairly easily deliver with no unexpected problems. She was even nice enough to wait until the sun came up! They don’t usually wait! Something about a 2am birthing plan is in their DNA, …

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